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LifeWaters has a unique perspective on disabilities. They put the primary focus on what I “can” do, not what I can’t do. They evaluated me appropriately, designed a program to become open water certified, and pushed me to achieve that goal. LifeWaters is a culture and a family. Everyone genuinely cares about everyone. For any individual with a disability who is wondering, “I wonder if I can do that?” the answer is very simple. Reach out to LifeWaters and ask. Kevin Brown – Adaptive Diver

The Northwest PVA and Seattle VA, with the support of the LifeWaters Organization is helping us develop an Adaptive Discover Scuba clinic/program within the Seattle VA. Please take the scuba survey below so that we can get an understanding of the interest and certified divers within the Northwest PVA membership and family. Scuba takes you everywhere!

American Lake Veterans Golf Course

The American Lake Veterans Golf Course; A private golf course for veterans and their guests. 

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This course exists solely because of dedicated volunteers and is such a wonderful place to come and pay a visit with veterans and their guests of all ages and experience. This golf course is incredibly special because its primed and built specifically for our veterans, especially for our disabled veterans. There are on average 70%-80% veterans that have some sort of disability that come to practice, play, or put, and the real emphasis at American Lake is for the mobility impaired golfers. Veterans learn that playing golf is possible, no matter what their disability, as they gain confidence on the course, they find themselves surrounded by others who have been there and care. On site instruction and help is available, they even have para-golf riders and different types of clubs to use depending on your disability. Do not worry about using the bathroom facilities, a company called “Green Flush” worked with American Lake for several months to try to make their existing restrooms meet the accessible needs. They expanded the bathroom building on the back nine by two feet and lengthened it by two feet and put double doors on it. This way mobility apparent golfers that drive para-golfer riders could actually go in, use the restroom, turn around and drive back out. This bathroom building is about 1/2 a mile to 3/4 of a mile away from the closest hookup to sewer, so Green Flush has a holding tank underneath the building that holds up 1200 gallons of waste and needs to be pumped out only about twice a year. This is very economical and is the only way they can get a bathroom like this out there, were they use to have just porta potties. This is extremely exciting for our veterans who use the facility, management is so incredibly happy with Green Flush, that they are getting ready to order another one to put on the front nine. Veterans are saying this is the best thing that ever happen, so come and join us at the at American Lake Veterans Golf Course. They are open now with some restrictions, for more information and times please call 253-589-1998.


Auburn's 55th "Salute to Veterans" set for November 11, 2020 (RE-FORMED)


Due to current COVID-19 restrictions, we are unable to host a parade and other activities in the traditional way this year. However, we are still committed to honoring our Veterans in 2020 and will be offering "Auburn’s Salute to Veterans" this November. Click Here for more information.

October Events

  • October 4th World Animal Day
  • October 5th World Habitat Day
  • October 13th U.S. Navy Birthday
  • October 31st Halloween

November Events

  • November 1st Daylight Savings Time End
  • November 3rd Election Day
  • November 10th U.S. Marine Corps Birthday
  • November 11th Veterans Day
  • November 26th Thanksgiving Day