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To contact us:

Phone: 206-241-1843

Fax: 206-433-0749

Email: pvachnw@mindspring.com


!! IMPORTANT !! ..THE NATIONAL Wheel Chair Games are getting close, and in todays economy and funding cut backs, it IS IMPORTANT to remember Non NOVICE Athletes will be accountable for half the costs this year and keep writing articles for our newsletter, volunteer for community events advocating PVA, attending board meetings..etc to earn sports points which WILL be used for eligability for non-novice atheletes attending the National Veterans Wheel Chair Games!!!!  Remember every 3rd Wednesday is our BOD meetings. Stroke, Poke & Paddle are every 2nd Saturday of the month.

                  NWPVA Officers

               President - Patrick Carpenter
               Vice President - Thomas Bungert
               Secretary - Gary Lieburgh
               Treasurer - Aaron Hastings
               Immediate Past President - Mike Partridge
               National Director - Mike Partridge

             NWPVA Board of Directors

                         Duane Osborn
                         Ernie Butler
                         Tom Knoppi
                         Sean Halsted

                   NWPVA Appointees

  National Vice President  -  David Zurfluh                        
  Chapter Legislative  - Mike Partridge
  VAAC Representitive - Gary Pearson      
  Membership Director , Seattle VAVS & Advocacy Director - Thomas Bungert              
  VAVS Peer Counselor and Hospital Liaison - Patrick Carpenter
  Sports Director - Tom Knoppi ?
  Fishing, Shooting & Hunting - Mike Davis
  Outpost Editor - Lisa Lawrence


              Executive Director - Brent King
              Office Manager - Lisa Lawrence

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The Northwest Chapter of the Paralyzed Veterans of America (NWPVA) was founded in 1977 and has grown to over 400 members in Washington, Alaska and  . The Chapter center is located on the main street of downtown Burien, Washington and is approximately 7500 square feet with a 21 space parking lot.


YouTube - NWPVA: All For One!


All programs are operated out of the Chapter Office and the Chapter Board of Directors and General Membership meetings are held in the

Board room.


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Considering a new car, throwing in the towel on an old motorcycle that won't run or looking to get rid of an ATV? In all situations, Paralyzed Veterans of America's Wheels Helping Warriors Vehicle Donation program is a perfect outlet for your generosity. It's easy to donate. Be sure your title is on hand, fill out the online form at www.wheelshelpingwarriors.org or call (855) 744-0782. We will schedule the pickup free of charge and donors receive a tax deduction for the donation. Help support Paralyzed Veterans of America's Northwest Chapter and donate today! For more information visit www.wheelshelpingwarriors.org.


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 President - Patrick Carpenter