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Members of distinction who have served NWPVA for many years

  • 4th National Wheelchair Games
  • Cal-Diego shoot--Singles D winner-Ernie
  • Chuck_Jack_Alma
  • Ernie Butler, former executive Ed
  • Ernie Butler
  • Ernie, Pat & Chris
  • Founding Father Jack Michaels
  • Gary P, a former president
  • Jack and Chuck
  • Jack Michaels Poster
  • Jack Michaels
  • Jerry Lindsay - Founding Treasurer for NWPVA
  • Patrick & Debbie Farrell - former Vice President
  • Patrick & Debbie Farrell, he was a Vice President
  • Skin Dreps  - former NWPVA Government Relations Director
  • Skip and Chuck
  • Terry & Sandy and Jack
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  • Tom Knoppi and Joe Biden
4th National Wheelchair Games1 Cal-Diego shoot--Singles D winner-Ernie2 Chuck_Jack_Alma3 Ernie Butler, former executive Ed4 Ernie Butler5 Ernie, Pat & Chris6 Founding Father Jack Michaels7 Gary P, a former president8 Jack and Chuck9 Jack Michaels Poster10 Jack Michaels11 Jerry Lindsay - Founding Treasurer for NWPVA12 Patrick & Debbie Farrell - former Vice President13 Patrick & Debbie Farrell, he was a Vice President14 Skin Dreps  - former NWPVA Government Relations Director15 Skip and Chuck16 Terry & Sandy and Jack17 Terry & Sandy Chenoweth -  first Secretary18 Tom Knoppi and Joe Biden19


NWPVA members during activities and get-togethers

  • 2014 annual award ceremony dinner
  • Absolute mobility making a big donation to NWPVA
  • Actiontrack Chair
  • Amanda & Eddie from absolute mobility joining at the picnic
  • Annual banquet award
  • Annual picnic
  • annual report cover
  • Auburn parade 2014
  • Auburn Veterans Day parade 2014
  • Brent and son
  • Burien Fourth of July parade
  • Dr. Little receiving recognition from the Northwest PVA for dedication on spinal cord
  • Golden Age Games 001
  • Joe Sapienza and Carrie Booker recreation therapist
  • Joe Sapienza is awarded the speedy award
  • Mariners Game on Veterans Day
  • Member socializing for a trap shoot
  • Member socializing
  • Members at a board meeting
  • Members enjoying a meal before the trap shoot
  • Members gathering before a trap shoot
  • Members teaching children with disabilities how to play power soccer
  • Northwest PVA annual award banquet
  • Northwest PVA annual Christmas party SCI
  • Northwest PVA annual picnic
  • Northwest PVA members for the Burien Fourth of July parade
  • Northwest PVA members hanging out
  • Northwest PVA teaching members the safety of cycling
  • Officers and board of directors of the Northwest PVA
  • Officers getting sworn in by Dave Z
  • Patrick Carpenter speaking at Seattle's Raceway
  • Salute to veterans at Safeco Field
  • Supported the community camp access
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  • Tom K in a black and red jacket
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NWPVA supporting the entire disabled community

  • 2014 Korean War Memorial representing NWPVA
  • Advocacy team between meetings in DC
  • Advocacy team doing legislative work
  • Advocacy team preparing for legislative work
  • Advocacy team preparing to take on Veterans Affairs issues
  • Advocacy team prior to a meeting
  • Advocacy team reviewing the point papers
  • Advocacy team working on informing Veterans Affairs issues
  • Brent K, Ernie B & Dave Z in Washington DC
  • Brent K, Ernie B and Chuck K advocating in Washington
  • Dave Z at the Vietnam Memorial wall
  • Doctor James Little recognition for service by the NWPVA
  • Ernie and Thomas advocating for veterans in Washington DC
  • Ernie B, Mike P, & Dave Z
  • Ernie Butler and Dave Fowler in DC
  • Ernie Butler at the Vietnam Memorial wall
  • Ernie, Brent, Michael, & Thomas advocating with Senator Murray
  • Ernie, Pat & Chris
  • Government relations working on getting the bill passed
  • McMorris pic
  • Mike P & Dave Z in Washington DC
  • Mike Partridge heading up the government relations for Northwest PVA
  • Mike Partridge in Washington DC
  • Mike Partridge legislative director
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  • Thomas Bungert talking about an NWPVA at the 37th Democratic district
  • Rep_Jim_McDermott_and_Tom-2016
  • Rep_Jim_McDermott_and_Tom(2)-2016
  • Senator_Cantwell_and_Tom-2016
  • Senator_Cantwell_Tom_Aide-2016
  • Tom_and_Ernie_in_DC-2016
  • Dave_Z
  • Dave-Z-and-Ernie-Butler
  • Dave_Z_and_Rep_Reichert
  • Dave_Z_and_Rep_Reichert-2
  • Dave_Z_and_VP_Joe_Fox
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Adaptive sports and recreational activities involving NWPVA members


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